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A yoga workshop to re-align the body and mind, allowing the flow of prana(energy) to flow to the heart, releasing emotions and increasing our energy levels. In this workshop we shall focus on the key aspects of alignment in our asanas, opening up our hips, chest, shoulders and spine to allow us to create space and freedom for the flow of our breath.
This workshop will help us feel more secure in these poses.
Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to deepen your yoga practise, they are not necessarily more challenging than a regular class, but rather, that more time is taken for detailed instruction

With: Jackie Morton

On: Sunday 21st September 2014 at 2.00pm - 5.00pm

At: Appleton Parish Hall Dudlow Green Road Appleton WA4 5EQ
Cost 20

To reserve your place please contact Jackie 0777 55 75129
Please don't eat 2hrs prior to the practise please bring your mat, and if you have blocks and bolsters or a large towel to roll up.

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